IP65 led high bay lamp
High powered led tunnel light
5 year warranty ip68 led street light
100lm/w led flood light
  • LED集成灯带
  • LED线槽灯
  • LED工矿灯
  • LED路灯
  • 异型灯具

Double-coupling IP68,the higest waterproof level

The modules adopt screw-free structure to avoid the penetration of water vapor through the screw holes,their silicon-rubber rings insulate leds from outside environment completely.Thus to eliminate any erosion to chips and PCB boards from outside. In addition to regular underwater testing,our modules are tested in boiling water over 30 minutes and then are put into blue ice water immediately. The result is our modules working good and no colors on modules. The testing lasts 3 hours and is divided to six hot-cold circles to ensure the double-coupling IP68 protection.

Ergonomic light distribution

It adequatedly utilizes the human's characteristic of which is sensitive to the brightness but unable to perceive the illuminance to achieve the illuminating effects in various applications;And, provides optical distributions and color scheme conforming to humans' visual habites.Through adopting isobrightness lighting deisgns to eliminate the visual light spots and visual dark spots,it can enhance the illuminance under the luminaire to achieve excellent ligthing performance and make humans comfortable furthermore.

Optional photometric distributions

Various of light distributions CAN adapt to diverse lighting requirements in different applications. SONIGHT has manufactured dozen series of light engines(modules) and over 100 species of lens to distribute light.SONIGHT's light engines are widely used for those places including but not limited to factory, warehouse, stadium, square, sport fields, airport ,swaimming room ,railway stations ,standard road,ultra-wide road,ultra-narrow road and hazard conditions.

Diversified installation modes

Based on the powerful strength of designing and manufacturing on fixtures,SONIGHT also produces diversified brackets or connection metal parts to adjust installation ways flexibly. Except for suspension mounting, hang-rod mounting,embeded installation,ceiling,wall mounting,side mounting,other installation modes are available and customizable to meet different applications and clients demands.


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