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Lighting Solution

1.Sport Hall

From the CAD drawing, you can see this is an indoor sport hall.Length:34m,width 25m,mounting height 7.5m,client asked for 400lux in the middle,we used 32 pcs of flood lights to reach the goal.

2.Road/Street/High way

Energy-saving solutions for road:
This is a project to replace about 100pcs of 150w HPS street light
The fixtures hanged at 8m height and the distance between one pole to the other is 25m
the goal is to reach 10-15lux
Our designer adopted 80W led street light to make out a perfect simulation.


Length 42.6m*Width 35.6m
Mounting Height :7.5m
Installation: hanging
Illumination demands:In  the center 400lux , on sides 350 lux
Lighting solution: 56pcs of 200W high bay lamp

4.Parking lot

An New irregular parking lot design:
Size:length 50m*Width 34m
Installation: pole mounting
Pole: 4.5m height
Our design can put the pole where he thinks it’s the best.
The goal is to reach 25-30lux.
We used 15pcs of small led street light 80W to reach 30lux at average

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