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Lighting Solution

5.Swimming pool

Swimming pool lighting design: Dimension:Length 33m*Width 18m
Mounting height: 5m
Installation: wall mounting
Lighting evaluation: adopted 18pcs of 200W led flood light
Performance: Average illumination 416lux

6.The warehouse

warehouse design:
Square: Length 43.8m* Width 34m
Roof height: 8.5m
Mounting height:8m
Request: at least to reach 400-500lux,put the lamps on the roof of aisle
Lighting solution:used 56pcs of 150W led high bay
Performance: the maximum 649lux

7.Baseball field

A New-built baseball field(total 4 fields,2 bigger field+2 smaller fields)
Pole location/position: Client settled
Mounting height:18m and 22m
Illumination requests: 500lux in the infield,300lux in the outfield
Lighting simulation: 96pcs of 480W modular led flood light+34pcs of 700w modular led flood light. Light efficiency: 110lm/w-120lm/w.
Performance: met the illumination requests

8. Football field

This is a standard football court,length:105m,width:68m,mounting height:15m,pole mounting.
The required illumination data is 200lux,we used 26+14 pieces of SN-FD2C-480W led flood light to make the evaluation and get a good result.

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