IP65 led high bay lamp
High powered led tunnel light
5 year warranty ip68 led street light
100lm/w led flood light
  • LED集成灯带
  • LED线槽灯
  • LED工矿灯
  • LED路灯
  • 异型灯具


Road/Street lighing

This road is about 5.5 meters long, width: 12 meters. 
Pole height:10meters, arm:2meters, the distance between one pole to another is 25meters. 
The light poles are placed symmetrically at two sides, total 440pieces of led street lighting system performed well and reached Illuminance at average 40lux.

Road/Street lighing


The tunnels is about 2270 meters,double-line and double tunnels. When it was repaired in 2016, all of the HPS lamps were replaced by using our high quality led tunnel lights. All 3500 pieces of led tunnel lights with single-light control system are working effectively today.

High mast

IP68 water protection,it's installed on high mast at a Road roundabout, four 250W led flood light to replace original 6pcs of 400W metal halide lamp. 
Bat-wing lighting distribution, uniform illuminance, tool-free maintenance.


This is a steel-structured machinery equipment plant. Mounting height:12meters, bracket installation, 90 degree of light distribution, it adopts high efficiency 200W led high bay lighting system.
The average illuminance is about 300lux.

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