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Several common causes of led light malfunction

At present, LED technology is becoming more and more mature, the advantage of it’s long lifespan has been one of the focus of public attention. But in recent years, in the production and application of LED, we still encounter many "led light malfunctions ".  The so-called light malfunction, also known as lighting-off, means the light source doesn’t work. No matter it happens in the period of production or application , is a headache for manufacturers: not only to face the losses caused by defect products but also affect consumer’s confidence for LED products. Therefore, to analyze some common causes of light malfunction will help us to reduce and prevent the repeated failures of LED products , guarantee products’ quality and improve the competitiveness of products.

1.Breaking of welding wire
If we met lamp malfunction, we should find out the lamp is short circuit (over current) or open circuit. If it is open, maybe the welding wire is disconnected inside of led.No power supply to led lamp due to  the breaking of welding wire.

2. Thesolid gelis separated from the support layer

3. Solder burnout
In some cases,it’s not necessarily the cause of led beads itself to lead a death of lamp,current supply in driver is another significant factor. An over current(over voltage) surge occurred in the process of led beads’ working,is possibly relevant with the surge current at the moment of starting up or shutting down the power supply, or there is a flaw in the wire of “P”electrode on chip,it will make a bad connection between the solder joint of “P”electrode and welding wire.

4.Corroded led chip
The water vapor in the chip will corrode the metal material of electrode,the dissolved liquid of electrode will lead a short circuit at P,N electrode and then end the life of a lamp.

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