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                               What is color temperature?

About History

If a substance is burning,the color of the flame we saw is red at first,then it changes to orange-yellow as long as the rising temperature,and then white color appears,blue color follows finally.Lord Kelvin,A mathematician and physicist,was the first one in the world who discovered the closely relationship between heat and color in 1848. He formulated the theory of “Kelvin temperature scale”.This is the theoretical basis of color temperature we talk about today!

About color temperature
The color of light we see.A spectral spectrum used to specify the color of a light source.

This picture above is a most straightforward guide for people to know the Kelvin temperature scale clearly. Generally,red-orange colors will be considered very warm light (2000k-3000k)like candle light or tungsten filament light;orange-white colors will be considered warm light (3000k-4700k) like fluorescent light;white color will be considered natural white light (5000k)like induction lamp or led lights;white-blue colors will be considered cool white(5500k) like cool white leds used at special places.Blue color over 6500k is like a blue sky.

About Applications
Different applications need different colors of the light.Frequently we suggest warm white,natural white for people.
Very warm--for decoration,landscape lighting....
Warm --Home,hotel,kiechen,fruit store.....
Natural white--industrial lighting,office,stadium....
Cool white--Hospital,government office,frozen room....

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